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Water Purification Systems in Oshawa

Not only do the microorganisms in your water cause foul odours and bad tastes, but they can also lead to illnesses and parasitic infections. With an ultraviolet (UV) water system installed by Still Water, we can eliminate up to 99.99% of the harmful bacteria and pathogens that are common in most public water supplies. Best of all, the process is quicker, more reliable, and more cost effective than buying bottled water or multi-stage filters alone.

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UV Water Purification

While great-tasting, safer water may be the greatest benefits of UV water purification, the system also has low operating costs and only requires two maintenance steps: switching out the bulb annually and periodically changing the filter cartridge — that’s it!

Ultraviolet Disinfection 8-32 gpm

Still Water offers 9 models to choose from. All have high flow rates, are environmentally friendly and use no harmful chemicals. Features include passivated/polished stainless steel chambers, electronic ballast controller that includes visual and audible lamp failure alarms, annual lamp change timer and optional intensity monitor and solenoid valve. 3-year warranty on chamber. 2-year warranty on complete unit except lamps, which are one year.

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Ultra Violet systems from $475

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