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Chlorination Systems: The Water Purification Oshawa Relies On

Adding chlorine to drinking water cleanses the water for human consumption. Without chlorination, much modern water has the dangerous potential of spreading waterborne diseases.

Treating Problem Water

A chlorination system from Still Water uses chlorine solution to water to disinfect, ridding the water of bacteria. These systems also result in the removal of threats from iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide, resulting in the water purification Oshawa residents depend on.

Affordable and Easy to Find

Many water treatment experts prefer chlorination to other methods of water purification in Oshawa because chlorine is low-cost and easy to find.

Chlorine systems are available from Still Water in 15- and 35-gallon storage systems. Concentrations total from 0-16 gallons daily. All water chlorination tanks feature a child-resistant closure and an easy-to-read gallon/litre scale.

*All residential chlorination systems must maintain a point-of-use chlorine residual.

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