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Superior Customer Service

How is Still Water different? It’s all about knowledge. The variety of water purification systems available on the market today can leave customers scratching their heads. Learn why our systems are second to none when it comes to quality components and manufacturing, technological superiority, affordability, usability, and ownership.

Get a Free Water Analysis!

We want you to know the facts, helping you determine which system will best meet your needs. We never resort to high-pressure sales or try to distract your attention away from the products we sell. Give us a call to learn how Still Water can help and get a free water analysis and in-home consultation!

Since 1995, Still Water has been helping Oshawa homeowners with water purification, offering eco-friendly solutions to issues such as hard water, iron, sulphur, methane, tannins, bacteria and chlorine. We carry top-quality General Electric and Excalibur brands of reverse osmosis water systems, UV disinfection systems and lights, and much more.

Still Water: The Water Purification Oshawa Has Preferred since 1995

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